Crystal Light Sparkling

The Jewish Museum

VSA Partners, 2015

To keep up with health trends and pursue a younger demographic, Crystal Light had aspirations to launch with a ready-to-go, lo-cal beverage option: Crystal Light Sparkling. 


Crystal Light needed to differentiate itself from its existing line of powdered products and stand out from its competitors. We encountered a challenge where legal restrictions did not allow for photography or illustrations of fruit. Additionally, a few of the beverage flavors were very similar in color, so we had to make sure the designs had distinct flavor profiles. These restrictions help open the project to some unique solutions. 

We used UI elements that are minimal yet maximize the best use of screen real estate. Instead of artwork images being top in hierarchy, we focused on the audio controls. We introduced nudges of audio and UI cues to lead the user from one tour to another. Additional information about the museum act as a supplemental aid for visitors without distracting them from their surroundings.


My strategy was to create a premium and flourished design to elevate the brand among its competitors and appeal to the younger audience. Flavors can be easily distinguished by the glossy color of the Crystal Light Sparkling logo. Because user testing had found the curves of the bottle favorable, the graphics were also illustrated to accentuate the those lines.

The Jewish Museum in NYC wanted to create a robust audio tour system to replace existing audio tour devices. We leveraged the energy of their existing brand done by Sagmeister and Walsh and adapted it for this experience. While on-site at the museum visitors can access the audio tours through their mobile or tablet devices as a web app. 

Artboard 6 copy

As a request to further highlight the flavor profiles and match the Crystal Light Sparkling logo with the existing Crystal Light line up, explorations were made to evolve the initial style. Abstracted fruit illustrations were a workaround the legal restrictions. 

Artboard 6 copy 2

In another round of explorations, we simplified the flavor profiles, while maintaining a similar hierarchy of information.

After another round, additional explorations simplified the flavor profiles, while maintaining a similar hierarchy of information.
Artboard 6 copy 3
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