School of Fish branding

The School of Fish was started in Razorfish as an unique internal training program to give a group of junior UX and PM employees a chance to learn the ins and outs of how an agency operates. By learning at the same time with a group of people at the same point in their careers, the members feel a sense of community and quickly become a close knit group.

Since this was a new program, I volunteered to design a logo for the group that would represent the community and be used in their training materials. The logo had to be fresh and represent these young talents, but also match Razorfish's core values and personality.

This identity represents beginnings, growth, and simple introductions. It was inspired by the mechanisms of a Tangram, where pieces of the same puzzle can be used to make various other shapes. Much like how the School of Fish program inspires these individuals to work together as a group to begin their careers.



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School of FishBranding